Ryan Sweeney

visual artist and designer of things

Ryan is a freelance photographer and retoucher with 10 years of experience, currently based in Prague. His main focus is commercial photography he does for companies and agencies, though he mostly enjoys retouching and spends long hours playing in Photoshop.

Apart from that he designs and develops applications which simplify people’s lives and work. Without well designed UX and UI the apps would be useless. He constantly thinks over the ways to utilize modern devices and technologies which we come across every day. He uses pure logic and simplicity for creating apps.



Professional portraits, staged documents, products, reportage and event photoshoots. Photography for 360° virtual tours and even photos from the sky using drone.


Professional photography retouch, matte paint, advertising visuals and flawless product photos.

UX Design

Designing UX so that the users might understand and use the product/service easily and intuitively right at first sight. Designs based on logic and control features with which are users familiar from various modern devices and services.

Software Development

Ensuring website and mobile apps development with the best coders on market.

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Current city
Prague, Czech Republic